"When my ortho doc told me to consider shots and potentially surgery, I put a screeching halt to putting my healthcare in medicine’s hands. A spur of the moment decision took me into the gym that fateful day. Javier has been my health and fitness partner since then — five years.

As I explained to Javier my many issues, he was confident that he could help. It was a very slow process. Initially, five pounds was so heavy and one day a week was often all I could handle. Eventually adding strength, flexibility and more days — there was some days when we looked at each other and said, “Did you see that!” — a journey of new personal records and almost pain-free living! I am so grateful for our partnership.  

Javier has taught me so much over the last five years from proper form to nutrition to supplements. He's taken me squarely out of my comfort zone as he's encouraged and guided me to enter INBA bodybuilding competitions. First with Body Quest then boldly into Physique and Sports Model. As an introvert I prefer the staying in the background, however, I have come to recognize the importance of setting new goals always to keep oneself on the Golden Path.

It’s been an evolution of body, mind and spirit. I love it when someone asks me if I am a trainer! We’ve come a long way since 2014."

- Suzanne Beninate

"I have trained over the years with a handful of trainers with limited success.  Conditioning improved, but I was on my own for a nutrition plan, so my overall results weren’t significant.  I started training with Javier a year ago, and the change is transformative, because he offers a wealth of knowledge, information, and guidance.  He is much more than a trainer; Javier is a fitness professional.   His approach is truly comprehensive: workouts, nutrition, safe supplements that make sense with my goals, and body composition.  Javier makes adjustments to all of these elements as needed to maximize the return on my efforts and time.  In just a few short months, I was able to become leaner, stronger, and more able than I’ve ever been before.  (The added bonus is the injuries that plagued me from overtraining incorrectly before are completely gone!)  

Aside from his overall fitness expertise, he conducts his business with the highest level of professionalism.  He is prompt, tactful and respectful in all responses and feedback.  This is true with his adult clients, but also with teenagers….as I’ve witnessed when he guides my 14 year old daughter on nutrition and my 17 year old son on bulking and building his physique.  

Javier is really in the business of Corpofort….building strong bodies one client at a time.  All you have to bring is the effort.  He’ll do the rest."
- Jasmine Patel


"I started training with Javier in January of 2019 with the idea to get more toned and stronger but that was it. Javier has worked with me to take my fitness and potential far beyond what I ever thought I was capable of. He has helped me lean out, drop body fat, gain muscle mass and increase muscle definition—I would never have been able to see these results on my own. 

After we began training Javier asked if I’d ever thought of competing in a fitness competition. It was something I’d always thought about doing but never thought I could. Just 4 months after we started training I did my first competition and that experience was so rewarding. It has motivated me to keep working towards my goals and to keep training hard. 

In addition to training, he’s helped me with my nutrition. With Javier's help I am eating more now than I ever used to and seeing results! 

Javier makes every workout fun and will push you to reach your goals. I love that he takes his profession seriously and knows so much about fitness and nutrition. Beginning to train with Javier is the best decision I’ve made for my fitness journey, I’d recommend him to anyone!"

- Claudia Baker